Losing weight and strength

Posted by on Aug 13 2016 | Health Care, MS


My sister Miriam was visiting this week from New York. She snapped this photo of me and Daniel yesterday. I’m 108 lbs and still suffering from the gastroparesis where food just sits in my stomach and doesn’t digest quickly.

I sleep on a wedge so I don’t breathe in or taste my stomach contents at night and I think that gravity helps with clearing my stomach overnight.

Three quarters of my face is numb, I move my bowels every 3-4 days in small amounts. I’ve lost most of the ability to taste food.

It’s difficult literally starving to death and I’m fortunate that I have a palliative care team supporting me. The worst part about this wasting away is that it’s so slow! Fortunately, I’ve been able to continue going to the bathroom on my own and walk short distances.

I guess it’s one day at a time for now.

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