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Posted by on Sep 17 2016 | MS

I have been able to eat more and maintain a stable weight at about 107 lbs. Although I’ve been able to eat more it has translated into more energy to walk but not enough to gain weight yet. I did a test for gastroparesis that came back “normal” but I am definitely much slower than I used to be. As they do not give numbers or data in the report, I have to assume that the bell curve for normal is rather broad. And as I was noticing improvement about a month ago, it is more likely we would have picked up the something below normal in July.

Regardless, I need to work on eating more if I’m to get any type of life back. My mood has been affected significantly and I am hopeful I can improve my sleep, the ongoing case of thrush (mild now) and get the feeling back on the left side of my face. Bowel movements have been more consistent but still far from normal.


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